The Maritime Trainee Programme - Norway

Maritime Trainee has been operated in Norwegian for groups 1 through 6, but from Group 7 we conduct the programme in English due to non-Scandinavian trainees.

About the Language

Maritime Trainee is operated by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (Norges Rederiforbund) as a service for companies in the Norwegian maritime industry. Therefore, it has been conducted in Norwegian until now. We have however had trainees from Sweden, Finland, Russia, and China, but they have all been fluent in Norwegian. Group 7 and onwards are being conducted in English because of trainees from Brazil, China, Japan, the USA, and the Netherlands. 

About the Programme

On behalf of the maritime industry in Norway, The Norwegian Shipowners' Association (Norges Rederiforbund) launched a two-year trainee programme in August 2005. Altogether, “Maritim Trainee” involves some 40 companies in the maritime industry as a whole; shipowners, ship yards and maritime equipment companies, oil rig companies, classification societies, law firms, banks and ship brokers. Maritim Trainee seeks to give each trainee a basic understanding so that he/she becomes capable of mastering numerous functions within the maritime industry, already at an early stage of his/her career. The trainees hold a master's degree in economics, technology or (maritime) law, from universities in Norway and abroad.

6 Modules

The programme runs over a two-year period. It consists of a combination of working in one company and for some of the trainees being an intern in another trainee company. Included is an academic programme of 36 days in six different modules. The academic programme is to fill several purposes: The most important is to increase the trainees' expertise through lectures, group projects and company presentations. In addition, the academic programme is an arena where trainees may discuss their experiences and build important and lasting alliances and networks. Last, but not the least, it is important that the trainees gain a broad understanding of the maritime industry globally. The two first modules of the academic programme take place in Norway, as do the fourth and fifth modules. The third module is held in Singapore. Through 7 days the trainees will visit several Singaporean companies and Norwegian affiliates, ship yards etcetera. They will also visit the National Technological University of Singapore (NTU) for lectures on cultural issues. The sixth and last module takes place in London in May or June the second year.

10 Groups so far

The first Maritim Trainee programme started in August 2005 and finished in June 2007 with 25 trainees. Including Group 10, which started in August 2015, some 210 young graduates have been or are maritime trainees.

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The Crew

Dr.oecon. Erik W. Jakobsen is Academic Director for the programme, and Mr Tom O. Kleppestø (MSc) is programme coordinator. Ms Cathrine Sørensen from Bønes Virik is in charge of the recruitment process that is run collectively for all companies in the programme. Ms Karin Gjerløw Høidahl, Competence Director at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, keeps a firm hand at the wheel on the companies’ behalf.

For more information: Please feel free to contact the programme coordinator,
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