FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions. Please take a look at the list of questions below and see if they answer your query.

How do I apply?

You have to follow the links under the "apply-banner". You are welcome to apply for more than one position if you find it relevant for your background and education. If you are unsure please send an e-mail til maritimtrainee@menon.no.


I have not yet obtained a master’s degree. I am in the middle of my studies. Would it be possible to apply for this program later?

The program aims to recruite candidates every year usually in the fall. Read more about the application deadline under "apply". The deadline for applications for Group 11 will be in the end of 2018.  


Do you offer internships?

Maritim Trainee is a 18 months long program. We do not offer any interships or other positions. Some of the member companies do offer part-time jobs and summer internships. Please read more about participating companies here.


I am not a recent graduate – I have several years working experience. Can I apply for the program anyway?

You will not be a relevant candidate for the trainee program if you have more than two years working experience after studies. Feel free to check out the websites of our participating companies for other job possibilities.


A combination of my studies is quite untraditional and I wonder if that would be relevant for Maritime Trainee.

Different companies require different background/competence. Carefully read description of a position and look if there is something that matches your background.


When can I expect to hear from you whether I am an interesting candidate or not?

We start the evaluation of all candidates after the deadline. We aim to provide a feedback of status for everyone in janurary at the latest.